BAR trip

I hitchhiked a lot and each time, I feel more confident and better at planning. Last april, my friend Veronika and I decided to go on a quick Brussels Amsterdam Rotterdam trip for a nine days. We had three days for each city, trying to get most of the city. I have visited all of them before several times, therefore it was easier to decided where to go and what to do. After we decided how many days we want to spend, and where we want to spend them, we had to come up with reasonable budget. We knew it would be unrealistic to hitchhike all the way to the north and back, that is why we decided to make it more simple.


First, we took six hours train from our city to the capital, where we had to catch the flight to Brussels. We stayed with my friend from Montana and focused on museums and art. We were in Brussels shortly after huge incident at the airport which made our experience there even more intense.

Brussels was nice and quiet, but then we hitchhiked to Amsterdam, city which has a very special meaning to me. We stayed with my other friend, having his whole flat for ourselves. Amsterdam was fun. A lot of driving around, trying to see as many places as possible. Red light district, a lot of videos and amsterdam coffee shops.


After that, we hitchhiked to another city which I love, Rotterdam. Veronika had to leave for Vlissingen. I stayed with my friend Dominik who lives there, long boarding and walking around for two days. I spent a lot of time by myslef as well, which I needed a lot. I fixed and repainted old doors on Dominik’s flat until Veronika came back to Rotterdam. We spent two more days together and then took bus to Brussels.

Our flight was cancelled which meant that airlines had to pay for our expenses until next available flight. We booked studio and went to a nice restaurant for late dinner. After we arrived to Bratislava, we took train to our hometown and went to our favorite coffee shop, Christiania.