Amy (Kapadia, 2015)

amy_webThe main difference that separates Amy from other documents is how was her story shown. It was based on her work and retold by her lyrics. This fact alone gives us a clear picture of her prsonal relationship with music. Another interesting feature of the document is the amount of archival clips and home videos from her friends, which give authenticity to the document. 
Most of 3-amy-winehouse-apdocuments about musicians are sort of edited attempt to serve the most authentic image of their life as possible, but in Amy, we have a chance to learn about famous singer, but also about person who had a family, problems with depression and being heartbroken like many of us.

From my point of view, document directed by Asif Kapadia is very interesting and the whole story of Amy Winehouse, member of the famous “Club 27”, was incredibly filled with music which formed a substantial part of her life as we all know.