Pocity Film Festival

Started in 2010, Pocity Film Festival is small festival in my hometown Presov in Slovakia. It takes place at the beginning of October, in our small art cinema Scala, a few films are
screened in multiplex Cinemax and rest of our selection is at local coffee shops such as Christiania or Wave.


One out of five days is always reserved for Kinofonik, silent film with live music. Other than that, there are a lot of screenings and social events after each day. My first year in organisation team was 2015 and I have been taking care of directors, helping with promotion as well.

Most of the last year’s film were from slovakian and czech production  such as Cooltura (Remo, 2015), Before Tonight is Over (Solan, 1965) or Andy’s wife (Staviarsky, 2012). From international films, there were screenings for films such as Neon Demon (Refn, 2016) or Boy and World (Abreu, 2013).