Breathe Music Festival

The main point of Breathe Music Festival is bring electronic music from club to nature and introduce to young people local artists, while listening good music and having fun with their friends.


It all started in local pub in Brno, while having beer. My friends and I felt like there was not enough of electronic music in our town Presov and because we have loved festivals, we decided to organise one.


Most of the things were quite easy, maybe because we were expecting way more problems. I was in charge of production side rather than choosing musicians and booking equipment. There were five of us and every one of us did find what we were good at. The most difficult thing was finding sponsors since it was first year and we did not have a lot to offer in return. We found printing company, therefore all of our posters and tickets were free. Also, my grandfather used to work with a man who owned half of the area we were planning to have festival. Each of us tried to contribute somehow, either with money or with connections.


After the first year of festival, I moved to London and I could not be that focused our second year. I am not sure about plans for third year since I am barely home, but I am glad for my first year and for opportunity to be at the very beginning. I hope Breathe Music Festival will be a event were local artists can find their space and have amazing time.