Connected – shooting


I am fine with papers and organising, but apart from painting, writing and film photography, I havent been very confident in creative work. I tried directing experimental film for the first time only a few days ago, for our film production and directing class. As a former producer in eight out of eight assignments, I have had a lot of respect to direct and decided what is going to be the input of our hard work.




I chose the small crew, people I trust and get along with quite well. Kate is one of my best friends here in London and she is incredible with camera and editing. I started to talk to Lucca only a few weeks ago, but we realized, that even different people, our filming style is very similar. Lights were very important for our film and therefore I tried to choose someone who is confident enough with lighting in a dark theatre studio. Max was one of the people I knew who was going to be good.


On Wednesday early morning, the day of our shooting, I was flying from Slovakia back to Britain, where everything was already prepared. It was around 10pm, the night before, when our actress said, that she broke her knee. Since she was also dance student, she was not that easy to replace. After hours of writing, freaking out, trying to find other solution, I found Miska, dance student from Slovakia. I took 3am flight and was at university around 9am, incredibly tired but glad we found her. I met my crew and then we met our dancer for the first time. I cannot say how would our first actress react to my instructions or ideas, but working with Miska was pleasure for the whole crew. She was smiling, not complaining even we told her to put paint color all over her face.


At the end of our Wednesday filming, I was very glad for the whole crew and the work we had done. It was nice to work with my best friend Kate, with someone who has similar style and is amazing art director Lucca and with person who knows what to do and how to do it properly, Max. I appreciate presence of Patrick, our behind the scenes guy, who documented our filming and made for us incredible photographs. Also, I cannot be more pleased with Miska, our dancer, who was unbelievably flexible and keen to listen.