Hitchhiking around Europe

Countless hours of preparation, four people and incredible trip. There are a lot of things which I would love to write about being on the road for 39 days, but I dont even know where to start.

dsc_0002Four of us split into the groups of two and we set the meeting city ahead of time.

We were hitchhiking before, but only for few hours, not weeks. To have even more interesting experience, decision was easy – using couchsurfing to look for our accommodation and stay with local people.


Budget was very hard to set, but we managed to spend less than 500euros each and considering we travelled hundreds of kilometers and went through a lot of famous cities in Europe, I think we managed very good.


from Presov to Trencin to Brno to Prague to Berlin to Amsterdam to Rotterdam to Brugge to Brussels to Paris to Lorrach to Zurich to Milan to Lignano to Budapest to Presov

In other words, 15 cities in 10 countries and around 5000 kilometers of driving.

I hope I will have time to write about each day sometime, but until then, I treasure every single minute of that summer and cant wait to go again.

Biking around in Rotterdam
Brussel’s french fries
incredible Amsterdam