DSC_0360.JPGI dont know how to draw. If you ask me to draw you a person, I would draw a circle with stick instead of arms and legs. My career as a painter started when I was about five years old.

My parents, noticing my interest for art, sent me to the afternoon art school, hoping I realise I am better off to be a doctor.

I almost gave up because of Mrs Jane, evil art teacher with mad hair, but then Mr Filip, teacher of older kids, came and took me to his classes.


To me, it was another world. Kids were quietly painting anything they felt like creating at the moment and classroom was full of old newspapers and magazine, scrap papers and different kind of material. It was a mess and I loved it.

Since then, I realised how art gives opportunity to say anything we would like to say and I cant imagine not to be able close the door and quietly, as a little kid back then, paint.