RESET short film 2016


Reset (around 20min long film I was working as an assistant producer) is a surreal thriller that blends live motion and animation together. Trapped in a lift, together two strangers discover they have slipped off the normal timeline where the usual rules do not apply. The lift’s intercom doesn’t work, there is no phone coverage, and no indication of w
hat is happening or when help will arrive. Katie appears unfriendly, Alex tries to make small talk.

As they wait for help, they realise that every time the lift makes a violent jerk, time resets. Their attitude to one another changes, moving from uncertainty to passion and finally anger. As the lif continues to reset, Alex’s animated imagination runs wild. Will they ever escape their new warped reality or will Katie and Alex forever reset?


The format of this film is very unusual in that it brings together two mediums. For me this technique makes for a truly immersive experience. It creates a world and a story with another dimension.


Animations transport many of us back to those joyous and sentimental moments as children growing up watching our favourite cartoons. These memories as children often have a huge bearing on us as adults which is the reason for us going for a 2D, hand drawn animation style.