That was my dad (short story)

When I found out that my best friend lost his dad, I left everything I was working on and went to see him. Soon after I realised, that even I was next to him, I had no idea what to do, neither say. We went to the house my Peter grew up. I was sitting with Emma in the living room, looking at the pictures hanging on the walls.

“Tell me.” I looked at her pale face.

“Last night, he said he needs to go to the bathroom. Do you know what I said? Dont worry, I will do it for you.” She put her head on my shoulder and closed eyes. “I really want to help, but I feel damn useless.”

Next day, the house was full of people who came to say last goodbye. Theme of Mr Ealing’s funeral was ‘Last words’. We were standing in the circle, all listening Peter’s mom.

“My last conversation with Daniel was very nice. I think about it a lot lately.”

“Mine time with dad was amazing as well. We went for a walk and then we took little John for skating.” Peter’s brother looks similar to Peter and their dad. Tall person with blond hair and the most innocent eyes. “Dad was teaching him how to skate same as he taught me when I was young.”

Peter sat down, staring at the wall.


“Take care Peter.”

Each time Mr and Mrs Ealing came to visit, I was very excited.

“And you too, Alex.”

“Mrs Ealing, I cannot breathe. Have a nice ride home.” I smiled and waved.

“Mom, we are fine. Love you.” Peter waved as well and closed the door on taxi.

Mr Ealing opened the car window and whispered: “You know the film your mother and I went to see last night? Not good. Bridget Jones’s Baby sucks.”

“Bye dad.” Peter was standing next to me, watching taxi drive away.


After Mrs Ealing and her older son left, Peter looked at us. “Bridget Jones’s Baby sucks. Those are the last words my dad will ever say to me.”

We were quiet for a while and then three of us decided to go out for a little bit. I put on my coat and reached to the pocket for Peter’s phone. Peter was looking straight when he suddenly stopped and turned to us.

“I have a voicemail from my dad.”

I had no idea what to say. “Last words dont need to make sense. Look, you have a chance to hear your dad’s voice one more time.”

“You dont understand, I cant listen that voicemail. My dad was my hero, alright? What if there is going to be something worse than film review?” Peter was very upset. “Bridget Jones’s Baby sucks are the last words of my dad. Discussion over.”

Of course, it was not over. We were all gathered around Mr Ealing and were supposed to say out last memory with him. The first was Mrs Ealing.

“I was sitting with Daniel on our couch, going through old photographs, when he suddenly grabbed my hand and told me he feels happy to have such a great family.” She started to cry and passed her mic to Peter’s brother.

“He helped John to his feet, hugged him and said to him that it is not important how many times we fall, but how many times we get up again.”

It was Peter’s turn, but he took his coat and went out. Emma and I went to see him after five minutes to see if he is alright. Peter was standing with phone in his hand, turning on speaker.

“It is pocket dial.” He put his head down, still angry. “Thank you God for taking my father, the greatest guy in the whole entire world. And what did you leave me? Fucking pocket dial.” By this point, he was crying. “And he wont even see our kids Emma. But dont worry, because each time I will miss him, I can play the sound of his pocket.”

We were standing quietly for a while, neither Emma or I knew what to say.

“Peter? Sorry, it looks like I have been calling you for the last five minutes. How is my pocket? Haha. Anyway, your mom and I just wanted to tell you that we had very nice time and we love you.” Peter was smiling. “And if you find my foot cream, send it over. Thanks.”

“The last words of my dad was that he loves me.”

We smiled, hugged each other and went back inside.


“Bridget Jones’s baby sucks.” Everyone in church was laughing and then Peter continued. “That was my dad.”