Me and Earl and Dying Girl (Gomez – Rejon, 2015)

I believe Sundance winning film for the “Grand Jury Prize” and the “Audience Award” Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Gomez – Rejon, 2015) is excellently written and very well directed. The title gives away main characters and specific information about one of them, but their lines and the way they are written will [...]

La La Land (Chazzel, 2016)

Mia, and aspiring actress and Sebastian, musician, working towards his dream of having jazz club. Film about love and dream and choosing between them. Film which makes you cry and laugh at the same time, having incredibly surprising end. We went to see La La Land with my friends Angelika, Lucca and Ola. All four of [...]

The Breakfast Club (Hughes, 1985)

Classic about five high school students who get detention. The Basket Case (Allison), The Athlete (Andrew), The Princess (Claire), The Criminal (Bender) and The Brain (Brian). Director John Hughes slowly unfolds lives of five stereotypes who are supposed to write essays about who they really are. Instead of writing their essays, they learn to collaborate [...]

Empties (Sverak, 2006)

Find out, that we have been replaced is not very pleasant. It is like someone telling us, that whatever we do is not good enough. Jan Sverak’s film Empties talks about inutility, infidelity and desire for change. Around sixty years old Josef, language teacher, decides to change his career and start something new. As a lot [...]

Amy (Kapadia, 2015)

The main difference that separates Amy from other documents is how was her story shown. It was based on her work and retold by her lyrics. This fact alone gives us a clear picture of her prsonal relationship with music. Another interesting feature of the document is the amount of archival clips and home videos from her friends, [...]