Hitchhiking around Europe

Countless hours of preparation, four people and incredible trip. There are a lot of things which I would love to write about being on the road for 39 days, but I dont even know where to start. Four of us split into the groups of two and we set the meeting city ahead of time. [...]

RESET short film 2016

Reset (around 20min long film I was working as an assistant producer) is a surreal thriller that blends live motion and animation together. Trapped in a lift, together two strangers discover they have slipped off the normal timeline where the usual rules do not apply. The lift’s intercom doesn’t work, there is no phone coverage, and [...]


I dont know how to draw. If you ask me to draw you a person, I would draw a circle with stick instead of arms and legs. My career as a painter started when I was about five years old. My parents, noticing my interest for art, sent me to the afternoon art school, hoping [...]

Connected – shooting

I am fine with papers and organising, but apart from painting, writing and film photography, I havent been very confident in creative work. I tried directing experimental film for the first time only a few days ago, for our film production and directing class. As a former producer in eight out of eight assignments, I have [...]

BAR trip

I hitchhiked a lot and each time, I feel more confident and better at planning. Last april, my friend Veronika and I decided to go on a quick Brussels Amsterdam Rotterdam trip for a nine days. We had three days for each city, trying to get most of the city. I have visited all of them before [...]