Connected – shooting

I am fine with papers and organising, but apart from painting, writing and film photography, I havent been very confident in creative work. I tried directing experimental film for the first time only a few days ago, for our film production and directing class. As a former producer in eight out of eight assignments, I have [...]

Split (Shyamalan, 2016)

Most of the people have been thrilled when I asked them about Split. I have seen the film only once, but even that was more than enough. First of all, I do not like horror films. I get scared very easily and even I know, that everything what is happening is not real, I am shaking after [...]

Breathe Music Festival

The main point of Breathe Music Festival is bring electronic music from club to nature and introduce to young people local artists, while listening good music and having fun with their friends. It all started in local pub in Brno, while having beer. My friends and I felt like there was not enough of electronic music in our town [...]

International Film Festival Cinematik

Cinematik Internationl Film Festival Piestany is one of the major film events in Slovakia. Founded in 2006, Cinematik reached over 20 000 viewers attendances over the years. Focusing on European cinema, it screens more than 70 features and a lot of shorts every September. "Cinematik tries to discover new talents in European and world cinema, but also [...]

Pocity Film Festival

Started in 2010, Pocity Film Festival is small festival in my hometown Presov in Slovakia. It takes place at the beginning of October, in our small art cinema Scala, a few films are screened in multiplex Cinemax and rest of our selection is at local coffee shops such as Christiania or Wave. One out of five [...]

The Breakfast Club (Hughes, 1985)

Classic about five high school students who get detention. The Basket Case (Allison), The Athlete (Andrew), The Princess (Claire), The Criminal (Bender) and The Brain (Brian). Director John Hughes slowly unfolds lives of five stereotypes who are supposed to write essays about who they really are. Instead of writing their essays, they learn to collaborate [...]